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"Knife? What knife? I don’t have a knife~!"

"Oh, no! We have to keep hope!"

"Gummy bears, huh? If I had to choose a favorite type.. Oh, I’m not sure. Maybe the blue ones? You’ll have to help me pick!"

"Oopsies, sorry, sweetheart. You might wanna talk to Leon about that."

"Better write a note on this wall-"

(Well, this isn’t going to work…)

"Well, I wouldn’t really call us friends.. but I’ve no reason to dislike her!”


"Hey, it’s me! What’s up?"


Once there was an ugly sayaka
She was so ugly that everyone died
The end

[[It’s been way too long since I’ve been Sayaka. Just wanted you all to know that I’m still around- I love and miss you guys so much. Hoping to get some questions answered tonight!]]

Attention all Dangan Ronpa cosplayers


So if you cosplay someone from Dangan Ronpa, listen up.

I’m making a cosplay video and I want it to include different cosplayers. It is a Dangan Ronpa cosplay. The song I’m doing it to is “Cops and Robbers” by The Hoosiers. All you have to do is make the video as long as you like it and email it…

Sayaka Maizono - SHSL Idol 
Favorite Dangan Ronpa female #8