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Attention all Dangan Ronpa cosplayers


So if you cosplay someone from Dangan Ronpa, listen up.

I’m making a cosplay video and I want it to include different cosplayers. It is a Dangan Ronpa cosplay. The song I’m doing it to is “Cops and Robbers” by The Hoosiers. All you have to do is make the video as long as you like it and email it…

Sayaka Maizono - SHSL Idol 
Favorite Dangan Ronpa female #8

"My hair color is an idol secret- the world may never know! I don’t think I’d change my hair. I’m pretty happy with how fabulous it looks right now~."

"Leon is being a total diva. Gotta go- let’s chat again soon, okay?! ♥"

"You’re going to voice Leon, huh? Here’s some ideas.

Talk a lot. Don’t stop talking. Just keep going on and on. Don’t shut up… ever.

Oh, and make sure your subject matter always includes punk rock. Hehe!”

"My favorite thing? I don’t think I could pick just one!

The people I’ve met, the places I’ve been.. it’s amazing to be able to do what I love, and bring happiness to others while I’m doing it! It’s so rewarding at the end of the day~.”


"So. Many. Clothes. I’m in heaven~!"

”..Don’t you think that makes me a good person?

I was too hasty; too frightened to be thinking clearly. I think that’s why things did not go according to plan..”

"Oh, shucks.. Thank you, sweetie~!"